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Testimonials from Our Clients

On March 14, 2018, my husband died. We had hired Oasis Hospice to come the previous Saturday. They immediately fixed his hospital bed to be more comfortable.

The best part was that they had a wonderful nurse that came and was so very helpful to him and to me (the wife). A minister came and so did a social worker. The social worker had a calling to write a poem for him at 6 a.m Tuesday morning. She shared it with me and it truly was his prayer.

“Often times I pray that God will take me away
In a calm and peaceful way with my eyes in deep slumber
So I don’t have to bear the pain and tears that flow
Rather accept that heavenly glow.”

He peacefully passed away the next morning at 4:00. As soon as possible we called the nurse and she came from Lancaster immediately. She took care of calling the Cremation company and arranged everything that needed to be done.
We felt blessed to have chosen their company over others.

Bonnie H. (Sherman Oaks, CA)

The team at Oasis hospice helped our family through a challenging transition in a  professional and caring manner. Their immediate response to our needs was a comfort during a very difficult time.

Ken W. (Ridgecrest, CA)

We would like to say thank you to Oasis in a very difficult moment in our life. The nurse that came was very professional, caring towards my father in his last moments.

Alcira M. (North Hollywood, CA)

I was very impressed with your professional conduct and courtesy. Thank you all very much.

Roger D. (Ridgecrest, CA)

I rate your service extremely good to best service I could have expected. Your personnel are very good and care for my mom was superb!

Michael G. (Lancaster, CA)

To all of you at Oasis Hospice,
You are a remarkable team of caring, professional, and wonderful people. Thank you for taking care of my husband, George O., during his end days.
To Christina,
Thank you for you help, guidance, and patience during George’s end journey from hospital to Board and Care.
To Donna and Lucy,
Thank you for everything. Your kindness and expertise were inspiring to one.
To Norman,
Thank you for you calls, prayers, and compassion for George and me and for being there for us.
To Mary Jane,
Thank you for your wise words and caring.
To Romalt,
Thank you for all your help and always being there for us.
To Jeff,
Thank you for your caring and for everything that you did then and do now on a daily basis.
To Oscar,
Thank you for your gentle yet spirited care that you gave to George when he was in such discomfort.
To your wonderful volunteer/employee who helped by moving the furniture in our house to make room for George’s hospital bed. Such a gentleman and good good guy. Many thanks.
And of course to Dr. Ko, who kept George going for so many years, we appreciated you so much. Apologies for taking so long to thank you all, but I know you understand.
Also apologies if I forgot anyone.


Christy O. (Lancaster, CA)

Dear Oasis Hospice members,

I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for me and my mom. All of you were such a blessing and  encouragement to me and a great help to mom.

Love in Christ,

Susan and Christ M. 

Frank and Annette C.

(Lancaster, CA)

Dear Oasis family,

Thank you for all your support, kindness and prayer. It all meant a lot to our family


Ronie and Manasan Family (Palmdale, CA)

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